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supply mains installation for heat pumps and wallboxes 

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S1 - Complete administration  

- Individual need check 
- Completion of all 9 requisiton forms
- Communication with distributing companies 
- Submittion of tariff change requisition
- Submittion of supply mode change requisition

S2 - Partial modification of switch board

- Repair of el. switch board
- Installation of appropriate circuit breaker
- Installation of additional measuring
- Certificate of revision issuance
- Full preparation for  HDO installation
- Assurance of HDO installation

S3 - General repair of switch board

Partial modification of switch board +
- Alteration of whole switch board installations with preservation of non-broken parts

- Preparation od supply main point according to standard  legislation and norms

S4 - New supply main and switch board

General repair of switch board +
- Installation of new switch board including total renewal of circuit breakers

- Alteration of home switch board and its total refresh

- New deep electricity health check in your house including issuance of certified revison of all electrical installations in house

we support following heat pump providers

we support following eMobility providers


OlifeEnergy E.GN Volkswagen.ID CEZESCO SIEMENS 

request for connection and tariff change is just a matter of moment 


"Good evening, thank you, all went well with CEZ. Can you send me the invoice once again, I realized some issues with my PC and I lost it actually"

Dana Ansorgová, Božanov

"Certified electrician made all the connection works on measuring reader in a moment, and he surprissingly managed tariff change just via cell phone before he left my house. Excellent service! Thank you."

Jaroslav Dvořák, Jindřichův Hradec

"We did call Pripojky the same day we have got the heat pump. They came immediatelly, in the late evening, to alterate our switch board. Tariff was changed one day after. What a fast service delivery! Best thanks, Petr."

Jana Veselá, Varnsdorf

"Pripojkyelektriny.cz helped us with preparation of eletricity connection and managed all the paper work quickly. Well done!"

Petr Svoboda, Litomyšl

we delivered for our clients since beginning of 2021


supply manins for heat pums and wallboxes


tariff change request administrations


modification and repairs of el.measuring switch boards 


certified checks of supply mains, switch boards, heating pumps and wallboxes

we operate in following partner networks

ČEZ Distribuce  PRE Distribuce   E.ON    MDM   ČEZ Prodej  Bohemia Energy Yellow Energy